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Welcome to SubH2O, San Diego’s premier yacht and vessel cleaning company! Since 1996, we have been providing our customers with the finest maintenance for their marine crafts, using only the most current of techniques and tools availible. Our customers recieve a variety of restorative and preventative services to keep their prized vessels in pristine condition. With our convenient location in the bayfront of San Diego, we come to you, providing our expert services to the boaters of southern California. We hope you will join the SubH2O family. 

As fellow boaters, we know about the problems caused when a ship isn’t properly maintained and oftentimes companies fail to take care of the most essential parts of vessel maintenance. From making sure your Zincs are properly replaced to full inspections of your craft, our technicians have the expertice to keep your vessel at peak performance. If you love your boat, why not treat it with the best?

Not only do we protect your hull, but we also push to protect the environment. SubH2O is a proud supporter of the Clean Water Act and follows guidelines set forth by the State of California’s Non-Point Source Pollution Control Program, Management Measure 4.2E.  This helps to ensure that our gorgeous blue ocean remains pure for as long as possible, allowing you to enjoy the seas and its splendors for generations to come.

Feel free to explore our site, look at the services that we offer, check on a few Frequently Asked Questions, and if you are interested in our services, contact us. Thank you for visiting SubH2O, your home for marine maintainance. 6456


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